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Our Mission

The Caribbean Network is an organization that aims to provide accessible professional and leadership development opportunities for youth within the Caribbean community. We aim to challenge traditional frameworks of oppression through education, empowerment and innovation. One of our main goals for this year is to create job shadowing opportunities for youth to emphasize the value of practical skills, networking and social capital.

We are the leaders of tomorrow, let's begin working together.

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Board Members

Victoria Mohan

Founder and Chair

Victoria Mohan (she/her) is the Founder and Chair of The Caribbean Network. She recently graduated with her Honours Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Political Science from the University of Toronto. In her final year, she was the President of the Criminology Students’ Association, a recipient of the Peggy Pratt Scholarship and Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award.

Currently, Victoria is employed at Deloitte in Financial Advisory, where she reviews claims for a Class Action. Previously, Victoria worked as a Student Assistant with the Law in Action within Schools Program, at University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law. She also spear-headed a series of Mentorship Programs for the Office of the Dean of Students at Woodsworth College, with a strong emphasis on support services and inclusive programming.

In the Fall, Victoria will begin her Masters in Social Justice Education at the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute of Studies Education. In the future, Victoria aspires to support diversity and inclusion related initiatives in the Corporate Sector. In her spare time, Victoria enjoys supporting organizations such as: Seva4life, the Muslim Food Bank, Sistering and the Annual Oxfam Canada Summit in support of Women and Gender-Based Violence.

Vanessa Karim


Vanessa Karim (she/her) is the President of The Caribbean Network. She is a second-generation Indo-Guyanese woman. Her experience is very much rooted in her passions, including her identity and career interests.

She recently graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with an Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology, with minors in psychology and biology. Vanessa is currently pursuing her Masters of Kinesiology, specifically analyzing cultural diversity in sport while working in the Group Dynamics and Physical Activity Laboratory. Her thesis focuses on highlighting experiences of ethnic minorities in sport, in hopes of giving a voice to oppressed populations throughout her Master’s and future PhD.

Vanessa currently serves on many volunteer collectives at Laurier including: The Department of Kinesiology’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee, The Graduate Kinesiology Council, The Student Advisory Committee on the Gender and Sexual Violence Taskforce, and the Board of Directors on LSPIRG (Laurier Students Public Interest Research Groups),

Previously, Vanessa has been a part of The Islands (Laurier Association of Caribbean Students) and The Caribbean Students Association (at Georgia Southern University) which led her to join The Caribbean Network. Ultimately, her objective is to bring awareness to the experience of Caribbean people in the Greater Toronto Area and support the community through The Caribbean Network platform.

Alvin Singh

Vice President of Mental Health

Alvin Singh (he/him) is the Vice President of Mental Health for The Caribbean Network. He is a recent graduate with his Honours Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from York University. His research specializes in the study of cultural differences within psychology and health studies,

In the past, Alvin has volunteered in Village of Sandal Park Schlegel Villages where he assisted seniors in a healthcare home with daily physical activities. He has also worked as a Grocery Clerk at FreshCo, where he assisted customers. Alvin was a Volunteer at the House of Commons Constituency Office, where he shared his views on how they could improve the local community.

In the Fall, Alvin will continue his studies and will be specializing at Humber College and earning his Graduate Certificate in Mental Health and Addictions. He aspires to earn his Master's in Social Work in the future and wants to continue to support and help his community. Alvin has a passion for helping others and he hopes he can spread awareness about mental health issues within the Caribbean community, and he hopes to give people a safe space to express their mental health concerns.

Christina Persaud

Vice President of Advocacy and Inclusion

Christina Persaud (she/her) is the Vice President of Advocacy and Inclusion of The Caribbean Network. She is currently enrolled at Seneca College in their Paralegal Studies program, where she is the President of the Legal Studies Student Association. In addition, Christina is also a session coordinator for the Pre Law Shadowers, a networking organization dedicated to pre law students across Ontario.

Christina has recently started an initiative dedicated solely to growth of mental health awareness within Guyana. This initiative was motivated by Guyana’s long history of intergenerational trauma caused by the lack of education and awareness surrounding mental health. The goal of this project is to provide a learning opportunity for our community and future generations to come through the use of social media.

This fall, Christina is continuing with her studies as a paralegal, while staying persistent on the path of growth not only within the legal field, but in life overall. In the future, Christina aspires to contribute to the ongoing development of the Indo Caribbean/Caribbean community in the Greater Toronto Area.

Anjali Permaul

Vice President of Public Relations

Anjali Permaul (she/her) is the Vice President of Public Relations of The Caribbean Network. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Guelph’s Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics. Anjali is the Web Design Associate and a Team Delegate for the DecaULang where she utilizes her problem solving and communication skills.

Anjali has been a key volunteer and youth leader at the Dharmic Cultural Centre and Mandir as an active volunteer in running events and marketing. For the past 4 years, Anjali has been a great role model to the children of the temple through her music efforts.

In the fall, Anjali is continuing with her studies as a Marketing Management student along with a Human Resource Minor that she just added to her educational development. In the future, Anjali aspires to become more involved within the Caribbean community while seeking new opportunities to support foundations/organizations.

Vandevi Sankar

Vice President of Internal Affairs

Vandevi Sankar (she/her) is the Vice President of Internal Affairs of The Caribbean Network. She graduated with her Honours Bachelor of Science in Psychology from York University in 2018.

Vandevi has been an active volunteer and youth leader at her temple, the Bharat Sevashram Sangha, where she has helped to organize events. She regularly volunteers her time to help her community and others in need. . Vandevi is also an Executive Member of the Seva4Life Foundation Canada Team. She has a strong passion for helping and volunteers her time for the greater good in helping the foundation with various things such as organizing events in the GTA and around the world in countries such as Trinidad, Guyana and India.

Currently, Vandevi is employed at ErinOakKids Centre for Treatment and Development, where she is a Behaviour Clinician that evaluates children’s behavior and develops Applied Behaviour Analysis and Intensive Behaviour Intervention treatment plans to help improve communication and behaviour skills necessary for success in both personal and professional lives of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She is very dedicated and passionate about working with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and determined to help them and their families succeed in their future.

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